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Episode #17 - Batman Returns


Allen Christian, Steven Granger and Gerald James do the Lord's work, with weekly episodes chronicling the rise of the comic-book adaptation in film. Every episode is a new film, watched and reviewed as in-depth as possible. Personal feelings and misinformation abound, but we'll all learn things together.

Episode #17 - Batman Returns

Allen Christian

The boys go back to the Batcave with returning guest Gerald James for Tim Burton's true take on the Dark Knight in 1992's Batman Returns. Host Steven Granger loves this movie, host Allen Christian has conflicting feelings, and guest Gerald James really just doesn't like it at all. A roller coaster ride of emotion occurs throughout the runtime of the film. Every moment is dissected as we actually stay completely on topic for the entire episode. Elfman's score is praised and we discover Gerald's goth roots in Siouxsie & The Banshees' "Face To Face".

Also in this episode, Steven defends his right to enjoy Grease 2, Allen and Gerald argue about whether or not Joss Whedon sucks, and Gerald is absolutely baffled by Allen and Steven's love for "Kiss From A Rose".


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