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Allen Christian, Steven Granger and Gerald James do the Lord's work, with weekly episodes chronicling the rise of the comic-book adaptation in film. Every episode is a new film, watched and reviewed as in-depth as possible. Personal feelings and misinformation abound, but we'll all learn things together.

Episode #31 - Spawn

Allen Christian

Still stuck in 1997, this week brings us to the abysmal film based on the Todd McFarlane property, Spawn. Hosts Allen Christian and Steven Granger are once again joined by Alan Hardy and Gerald James in an effort to talk about anything but this movie. Better Martin Sheen movies are discussed, we lament that more people don't know how cool Michael Jai White is, Allen Ribisis his jaw, Gerald is upset that Alan calls John Leguizamo "Johnny Legs", Alan is upset that Allen regards Donny as the lesser Wahlberg, Colm Meaney is talked about far too much, Steven has been misleading Allen into thinking Con Air was a Michael Bay movie for years, Allen & Alan decide they are now a single unit. More wrestling jokes, everyone curses too much, and Allen laments the direction of the podcast.


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