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Allen Christian, Steven Granger and Gerald James do the Lord's work, with weekly episodes chronicling the rise of the comic-book adaptation in film. Every episode is a new film, watched and reviewed as in-depth as possible. Personal feelings and misinformation abound, but we'll all learn things together.

Episode #13 - Dick Tracy

Allen Christian

It's 1990, and Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy, starring Beatty, Al Pacino, and Madonna, is the order of the week. Set inside a comic strip Chicago in 1938, the film is full of your typical gangster film tropes, but never slips into the despair of cliche. Beautifully designed, well shot, well acted, and passably written, Warren Beatty's pet project manages to be one of the few films to actually capture the look and feel of a comic strip. 

Also in this episode, James Caan gets shade, the Spider-Man newspaper strip gets all the hate it deserves and the Peanuts get praised as we realize our city's paper just wasn't cool enough to get a Dick Tracy syndicated strip, and a rabbit hole is tripped down in an attempt to research a Dick Tracy porn parody.


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