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Episode #11 - The Punisher ('89)


Allen Christian, Steven Granger and Gerald James do the Lord's work, with weekly episodes chronicling the rise of the comic-book adaptation in film. Every episode is a new film, watched and reviewed as in-depth as possible. Personal feelings and misinformation abound, but we'll all learn things together.

Episode #11 - The Punisher ('89)

Allen Christian

Hosts Allen Christian and Steven Granger put on their skull shirts, because somebody here has to, and dive into the gritty world of 1989's The Punisher, starring Dolph Lundgren. With a baffling distribution model, this movie never saw the dark of a theater in the US, but has still managed to be noteworthy enough as to be unavoidable in our run. Heralded as boring and cliche, this odd Dolph Lundgren vehicle is surprisingly entertaining. Cliche and true to many genre tropes of 80's exploitation cinema, it still manages to make good use of its violence. And somewhere under everyone except Louis Gossett, Jr.'s bad acting, Boaz Yakin seems to have written a solid script.



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