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A Fantastic Chore

Allen Christian reads through every Fantastic Four comic book ever and has way too much to say about them.

A Fantastic Chore: Reading through the Marvel classic

Allen Christian

If you've ever listened to our podcast here, you have likely learned that I am a bigger fan of Marvel's First Family than anyone under the age of 50 has any right to be. So much so that I have been reading through every single issue of the comic from the beginning.

The task started out pretty enjoyable. The Stan Lee & Jack Kirby 102 issue run is a good time, even when it isn't amazing, and there is no dearth of other comic books fans to discuss that run with. But once the King leaves? You find yourself adrift in a sea that no one wants to talk about.

So what are we talking about? Well, I've long wanted to use the website here to write about various comic book and film subjects, so I want to welcome you to the first step in that direction: a brand new blog series where I take you through the entire Fantastic Four series, issue by issue. 

I'll be kicking off this week with a look at the first year of the comic (issues 1-8), and I aim to cover a year a week until I've caught up to my current reading spot, then I'll be covering chunks of issues as I read.

So check in this Friday, and we'll set sail on this ridiculous journey.